Sustainable Cycling Holidays

From single day trips to three week epics, join our cycling community for the adventurous.

Pedalling with Purpose

Ride through epic landscapes and stay at the world's most inspiring eco-friendly places. We're a community for adventurous people looking to squeeze the most out of life in a way that doesn’t harm the Earth. A community for people who love adventuring and the outdoors so much they don’t want to see it destroyed through climate change, plastic pollution and the lost of our wild spaces.

From single day adventures to three week epics, we add our sustainability infused twist on many a cycling classic. Our authentic, holistic and accessible trips are for people who are looking to explore new places and passions, challenge their bodies while expanding their minds, and doing it all in a like-minded, supportive group.


Micro Adventures

2-4 day trips for all experience levels

One Day Rides

For all experience levels

Mega Adventures

1-3 week challenges for seasoned cyclists.



"Expertly planned routes, helpful bike advice, delicious food and incredible places. Memories to treasure."


"A glorious project connecting people to some of the most inspiring alternative and ecologically-minded communities in Europe. Highly recommend!"


"A brilliant way to see the country, and to be amazed by what your body and mind is capable of doing. I wished I could keep on cycling for ever!"


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