Greek Island Odyssey

Greece · September 7 - 15 2019

The ultimate Greek Island adventure.


The Greek islands are an ideal destination for the cycle tourist. With quiet roads, hills and beaches, they offers the perfect combination of sun, sand and cycling. Evia is the second largest island in Greece, only 2 hours from Athens—as with much of rural Greece it is synonymous with olive groves, secluded beaches and crystal waters.

The riding will be at a very pleasant pace, with undulating coastline and short cycling days, allowing plenty of time off the bike to relax, connect and explore. Between stretching out on the beach, trekking up a mountain or hopping into the natural springs, this is the Brake the Cycle tour that offers rejuvenation and bliss every step of the way.

What's Included:

Sustainable Initiatives & Camping

Camping and assorted accommodation at eco-lodges and other sustainable initiatives throughout Eva.


Your trip includes five nights of camping and five visits to sustainable initiatives.

You'll sleep under the stars and get a taste of eco-friendly, alternative living. And, you'll stay well-fed with wholesome, delicious meals throughout your entire trip.

Shared Accommodation

9 Day Experience